Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Northfield Crop Circle 1994

The Northfield Crop Circle 1994

 December 1994, the suburb of Northfield had its own encounter with Aliens after a large crop circle was spotted when Alison Light flew into the city on December 9th.
 Using a street directory, Alison was able to track down the wheat crop by the street patterns of the area, and found it in a field owned by the Department of Agriculture.

The Crop Circle measured 15.3 metres wide, with the wheat flattened in an anticlockwise direction
all the stalks were unbroken, with no human tracks in or out of the shape. It's outer appendages had all the stalks facing back to the main shape, and the entire pattern was perfectly aligned to the Earth’s own magnetic fields in a north-south direction.

 A friend of mine, Mr Good, who I met through a site we both worked at, actually experienced this crop circle for himself first hand, being offered the chance to step inside it when he was working in the areas as a security guard
 Mr Good said, that when he stood inside it you could feel a very weird electrical vibration. Government tests conducted to measure for radioactivity and magnetic charge disputed this evidence, but one has to wonder, as in all UFO related cases, is the Government telling the truth, as it is well known Governments worldwide will cover up any kind of UFO contact wherever possible– (One only has to site the recent release of UFO related material released by the New Zealand and UK Governments over previous years)

 This particular crop circle drew the attention of Mr Colin Norris (known locally as “Mr UFO”) who described the circle as “Marvellous” and stated to the Advertiser Newspaper when asked if it could be a hoax
“It’s ‘it’ as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing about this that’s a hoax. It’s perfect”.

Local radio station SAFM claimed they had made the crop circle as a joke, but retracted their statement of involvement when a Government Official said charges could possibly be laid over the incident.

A few days later, the wheat was harvested and the circle removed by the blades of a combine harvester.

 The land is now entirely covered by homes

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Nullarbor UFO Sighting 1988

Nullarbor UFO Sighting 1988

January 1988, the Knowles family, Mother Faye, Patrick, 24, Sean, 21, and Wayne, 18, were travelling from Melbourne Victoria, across South Australia, heading for a new life in Perth Western Australia.
 The family of four were traveling in their Ford Telstar across the Nullarbor Plains, when, approximately 40kms east of the Western Australian border, near Mundrabilla they had an encounter with an unidentified flying object.
 The family claim at around 5am, as they were driving along the flat, straight stretch of road, they swerved to avoid a large glowing object on the road.. The object appeared to the Knowles family to resemble an “egg in an eggcup” about a metre wide, and glowing brightly.
 The family stopped and went back to look at the strange object, but got scared and ran back to their car and started to drive off.
 As they did so the object suddenly took off and started following them, Sean, who was driving, put his foot down, and claimed to have reached speeds of 200 KM/H. The object, which resonated with a low hum not unlike an electrical transformer, suddenly came down hard on the roof of the car and lifted it off the road.
 At this point, Mrs Knowles put her hand out the window and touched the weird object, describing it as being hot, and feeling like a “rubber suction cup” - with the window now open, smoke began to fill the car, which the family described as smelling like dead bodies...
The family reported, that whilst in the air, it seemed like everything was in slow motion and their voices became distorted.
 The car suddenly dropped to the ground, bursting a tire, making it impossible to continue driving, so the family escaped in the bushes nearby and waited for the object to leave, which it eventually did. They changed the burst tire, then drove to Mundrabilla Roadhouse and told their story, of which a truck driver, Graham Henley, reported that he had seen a bright light in the vicinity in his rear view mirror,

 The Ceduna Police were called to inspect the car and take statements from the Knowles family. Sergeant Fred Longley said the family were in a state of shock and distress when he encountered them.
“They were in a terrible state — even though it was five hours after the incident. Something happened out there. Their car, even after being driven all that way, still had black ash — or dust — over it. Even on the inside. Where did that come from? There’s no soil like that out there, only sand.”

Another police officer Sergeant Jim Furnell described the dents in the roof of the car “as if something had landed on top “

So what did happen to the Knowles family that fateful day in 1988?

Plenty of theories have been put forward, but only the family themselves will ever really know.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Sandy Creek UFO Sighting 1963

Sandy Creek UFO Sighting 1963

In 1963, a man from Willaston who was traveling on Lyndoch road between Gawler and Sandy Creek (heading towards Gawler) rounded a corner and came across a blood-red coloured object spanning the width of the road, he braked, and the vehicle pulled up within 3 metres of the mysterious object, which suddenly rose about 100 metres into the air, turned on its side and shot off into the night, leaving behind it a vapour trail.

 The Willaston man got a very good look at the object and described it as being about 8 metres across, and four metres tall, with a concave top and flat bottom. It glowed blood-red when close to the ground, but changed colour, to a light red yellow as it flew up in the air, then took off west towards Two Wells.

 The story was reported in The Advertiser Newspaper, as taking place, very close to the Sandy Creek Hotel, but no-one from the popular country pub came forward at the time that could confirm the incident.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

UFO's over Woomera 1952

UFO's over Woomera 1952

 Woomera located in the remote outback of South Australia has for many decades been a military testing ground. Some UFO researchers believe, due to the military facilities based there, that UFO activity is higher in the area as aliens could be monitoring the activity of tests, especially so because Woomera was once used to test atomic weapons, whatever the case may be, the military itself was keeping record of unusual sightings in the area.
 In 1952 from April to October there were numerous sightings and unexplained incidents by workers in the area.
 In April 1952 3 men noticed an unidentified light moving north west parallel to the ground at 45 degrees SE – it's emitted a light source bright enough to light up clouds around it and the land underneath it
Later the same year in September,  five people witnessed a cigar shaped “airship” with a rear exhaust The craft was moving silently through the air, and seemed to have internal lighting, as was viewed through side portholes – A possible military test ship perhaps?

 In October of the same year an object was tracked by radar, but no visual sighting of the object could be made.
 The object came within one mile of the radar tower and it was noted by the operator  that during the tracking of the object, smaller objects appeared to detach from the larger object and drift away

Ufologist: Beyond Information Lies the Truth – Magazine Vol 13 Issue 6

National Archives of Australia

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Australian Flying Saucer Club Part 2

The Australian Flying Saucer Club part 2

“The Australian Flying Saucer Research Society”

Last week we looked briefly into South Australia's first UFO related investigation and information club founded by Mr Frederick Stone, This week we are going to have a brief look at the longest running club of it's type in South Australia, the “Australian Flying Saucer Research Club”, which was also founded by Frederick Stone.

 Founded circa 1955, the AFSRC was founded by Frederick Stone, who was also the clubs first president. Frederick had formerly been a part of both “The Australian Flying Saucer Club” and the “Australian Flying Saucer Bureau”

 The group, although only small at the time, expanded its wings across the country, and in 1956 had an office in NSW (which would later remove itself from the club and become known as the UFO Investigation Centre).
 In 1957, Mr Stone formed a group ion Victoria which would work alongside the South Australian based group under the leadership of Peter Norris, this branch of the group was titled the “Victorian Flying Saucer Research Society”.
In 1959, Mr Stone also founded another branch of the group in the Northern Territory, with the presiding President being one Duke Alley
 There is also evidence of the club having an office in Queensland and Western Australia, truly becoming a nationwide entity.
 The group, although small, was set up well with a treasurer, secretary, President and membership, and also, for some time, printed its own magazine called “Australian Saucer Record” which ran for 9 Volumes from 1955 until 1963

 In 1959 the now growing group, held the very first UFO conference in South Australia, which was attended by 200 people, with guest speaker the Rev. W.B. Gill as guest speaker, recounting some of his extraordinary tales of sightings and UFO experiences.

In 1962 the AFSRS had its first major reshuffle of members, with a rift forming between founder Fred Stone and member Colin Norris. Fred left his own group and formed yet another group with the acronym UFOPIA, this left Colin Norris “Mr UFO” as the President of the Australian Flying Saucer Research Society, and a new era of UFO research in South Australia.

 In 1967, another rift formed within the ranks of the club and a “no confidence” vote against club president Colin Norris was put forward, but lost. This led to numerous members splitting from the club to form a new group called UPIA
  The club was still going strong in the early years of the “2000's” but since the death of Colin Norris and other group members, it has lost its momentum and its presence has fallen away substantially in the local UFO investigation scene